The One With My Top 5 Favorite Friends Episodes

It’s the week between Christmas and New Years, Alicia has hardly any brain. So, um, this week we’re going to (kinda) continue my Secret Obsessions series(?) with the TV show I am most obsessed with. And because year-end is the time to make top 5 lists, let’s make a top 5 list.

My Top 5 Favorite Episodes of

  1. The One With the Metaphorical Tunnel (Season 3, Episode 4).

In this episode, Chandler decides to be “the most committed guy there ever was” to Janice, Janice totally freaks out and breaks up with him, Chandler stalks her in the grocery store with a bag of barley. Rachel and Monica play Chandler’s guides through his breakup. Pheobe is pretending to be Joey’s agent to get him auditions & he’s the guy who can’t pour milk. Ross babysits Ben & tries to convince him to “drop the Barbie” to play with GI Joe “it’s the toy that protects US oil interests overseas!”

This episode has recently taken over the top spot for being just so. darn. quotable. And honestly, Rachel’s post-breakup advice to Chandler is solid: “If you feel yourself reaching for that phone, then you go shoe shopping, you get your butt in a bubble bath.” I’ve quoted Rachel Green to more young adults post-breakup than I can count.

2. The One In Massapequa (Season 8, Episode 18)

In this episode, Alec Baldwin guest stars as Pheobe’s too-optimistic boyfriend, Parker. The gang attends the Geller’s wedding anniversary party. Monica is determined to write a speech that leaves everyone in tears. Ross and Rachel discover Ross’s parents told everyone they were married, but as the checks roll in, they decide to play along.

This episode is MADE by Alec Baldwin. I love his character, and I love watching everyone secretly hate him.  Watching Pheobe slowly hate Parker more and more is delightful. Monica’s speech being “Nana, my beloved Grandmother, would so want to be here. But she can’t. Because she’s dead. As is our dog, ChiChi.” Rachel and Ross making up increasingly ridiculous details of their fake wedding is fabulous.

3. The One Where No One’s Ready (Season 3, Episode 2)

In this episode that takes place in real-time and in one location, Monica’s apartment (unless you count the post-credits scene.) Ross tries to convince everyone to get ready for the museum dinner he’s speaking at. Monica leaves Richard a very problematic message on his answering machine (although, I don’t feel like future generations will really understand the answering machine struggles). Joey and Chandler fight over the chair and there’s the famous Joey outfit.

This episode is great. If you’ve never seen it, do.

4a & 4b. The One Where Chandler Crosses The Line (Season 4, Episode 7) & The One With Chandler In A Box (Season 4, Episode 8)

I love the Season 4 storyline of Chandler being in love with Joey’s girlfriend, Kathy. Matthew Perry gets to show us his more serious actor side, and it’s fantastic. (IMHO, the Joey/Kathy/Chandler storyline is more watchable than the Ross/Rachel breakup the previous season.) This is the episode where Chandler and Kathy finally kiss and it is aaaagonizing how clearly they are perfect for each other. But seriously….why didn’t Kathy just break up with Joey? Like, really? But whatever. Paget Brewster does a phenomenal job as Kathy and I’m just so sad they got rid of her so quickly. And in a great sub-plot, this is when we get introduced to Ross’s “sound.”

This episode is great, but it really feels better if you watch the next episode, The One With Chandler in a Box, as a part 2. That episode shows Chandler suffering the consequences of what happened with Kathy. Plus, as that season’s Thanksgiving episode, it’s prrrrretty goooood.

5. The One With All The Kissing (Season 5, Episode 2)

After they return from London, Chandler is secretly dating Monica and kisses her in front of the girls, so now he has to kiss all the girls. It contains that great scene where Joey walks in on Monica & Chandler taking a bubble bath and asks if Chandler wants chicken. Emily won’t return Ross’s calls. Rachel returns from Greece. Pheobe hates to hear stuff from London and her water breaks.

Phoebe’s pregnancy is one of my least favorite story lines of the whole series, but the other ones are terrific. I don’t love the whole Emily/Ross thing either, but watching Ross slowly lose it as his marriage crashes and burns from the very beginning is fun as heck.

There it is! Normally I’ll ask your opinion in the comments. But just be warned about Friends--your differing opinions are wrong….but you know, tolerated.


*”My Favorite” =/= “Best” from a TV stand point. It’s well-documented that The One Where No One’s Ready is the “best” episode of this show.

And yes, thanks for noticing, the GIFS shown ARE from the episodes I discuss. #winningatgifs