Quiet My Soul - A Resource You Need

I have to sing the praises of my friend Juliana, ya’ll. She has come out with a 31-day devotional for single moms called Quiet My Soul: Devotionals for the Single Mom & I got a chance to get my hands on one.  And wow! If you need a devotional that, in the midst of the chaos and exhaustion, this is a great one.

Now, I’ve never personally had to live the single mom life, but as a mom of two toddlers, I resonated a lot with this devotional. Tired? Check. Spent? Check. House continuously looks like it's been the victim of a simultaneous earthquake and tornado? Check. Need help focusing on God through all the craziness? Check.

This devotional helped me focus, and helped me remember that God was my strength and my rock. Juliana’s writing is friendly and you really feel like your supportive sister is coming alongside you to remind you of God’s goodness. And bonus: they’re short. Perfect for your morning bathroom break, AKA your only uninterrupted reading time during the day :-D But they’re a perfect launching point for you to pray and God to speak. I found the ideas in the devo rolling around in my head long after I had closed the actual book. And the devotionals always have one, or two, or several scriptures of relevance for study, meditation, memorization....however far you wanna go with it :)


And of course, I was so excited about this devotional, I have gone and done the wrong thing. I didn’t get a picture of my copy, because as soon as I finished it, I went and gave it to one of my single mom friends, with the condition that she pass it along when she was finished with it.

We'll just pretend this is a picture of me reading it:

About Juliana:

Juliana Boudreaux is a former single mom of 16 years who found the love of Christ through a local single mom’s support group.  She is passionate about helping single moms learn and embrace who they are in Christ.  Juliana is an author to the new book, Quiet My Soul: Devotionals for the Single Mom.  She is a speaker, worship leader, Bible teacher, and single mom ministry leader & advocate. She currently leads two single moms’ Bible studies and has been involved in single moms’ ministry for almost a decade. Juliana enjoys doing crafts and bringing new life to old things.  She, her husband, Steve, and their children reside in Donaldsonville, Louisiana and attend The Church International.