Secret Obsession #3: YouTube

If you walked up to any of my close friends & asked them to name my obsessions, chances are the first one out of their mouth would be YouTube.

Our family was an early adopter of cutting cable, mostly because we were broke. Most of the time, we were only “mix two random things in the pantry for dinner because we don’t get paid til Friday” kinda broke, but sometimes we were “take a tylenol pm for dinner because you can’t be hungry if you’re asleep” kinda broke. Anyway, this isn’t my sob session, it’s just to say, I haven’t cable since 2001.

Fortunately, with school, friends, and playing video games at their house, we didn’t have much need for regular TV. When I was dating my husband, he had an incredibly rare 2-disc Netflix subscription (yes, before streaming)! So that occupied a lot of our time. This also explains why I have a ridiculous number of DVDs of crappy movies from the early 2000s.

Anyway, it was a natural progression that I would gravitate to this unknown platform of YouTube. I started with the viral videos (I think the first one I ever watched was The End Of The World (warning: language)) & of course, cat videos. But soon I learned you can “subscribe” to channels & have their videos listed in your “subscription feed” & started to watch other things, and some of the 1st people I ever subscribed to was ViHart (still subscribed) and Vlogbrothers (eventually unsubscribed).

Out of my 215 current subscriptions, I’d just like to take you on a little tour of some of my favorite channels I subscribe to, the broader categories, and my hope is that you take a little bit of time to check out some new content in your life.

The channel name has a link to one of my fav vids of theirs. Then an explanation on why I love them. Then, a typical video length.

Channels I Think Are Awesome, Grouped but In No Particular Order

“YouTubers” - so named because they have been on the platform a long, long time, and because they are innovative & relevant

Good Mythical Morning - Rhett and Link make the resident Youtube morning show. Their claim to fame is that they sometimes eat weird things. (15 mins)

Shane Dawson - I never watched Shane before the documentaries but he is fast becoming the Oprah of YouTube & I’m HERE FOR IT. (45 mins)

Philip DeFranco - a daily news show presented in a factual but entertaining way. (Obviously news-related so the video attached might be Old News.) (20 mins)

PewDiePie - I had never watched his channel before this year because I don’t like gaming channels, but I love his new content & now I’m a proud 9-year-old. (25 mins)

Christian Channels - these...channels...are...Christian.

Ten Minute Bible Hour - Matt breaks down topics/passages in the bible in incredibly simple, easy to understand language, perfect for new believers or seekers, but seasoned Christians will learn too! (20 mins (I know, neither 10 minutes nor an hour!))

BlimeyCow - This channel does a lot of hilarious poking fun of church culture & growing up. (8 mins)

Movie Channels - these channels focus on movies

Screen Rant, specifically, their Pitch Meetings - soooooo funny & so many good catchphrases! (5 mins)

CinemaSins - one “Everything Wrong With _insert movie name_” and I was hooked. (10 mins)

ScreenJunkies - their honest trailer series got me, but their predictions kept me. (10 mins)

Movies With Mikey - ever saw a movie that you can’t stop talking about or explain why you love/hate? Movies with Mikey is a guy doing just that. It’s long form but keeps your attention. (45 mins)

Lindsay Ellis - A film student does video essays about movies, and I feel like I learn a LOT. (45 mins)

Educational YouTubers - you’ll both be entertained AND learn something.

Brady Haran:

    Objectivity - come for cool objects of science history, stay for Keith the Librarian. (10 mins)

    Numberphile - who knew math was actually useful. (20 mins)

    Periodic Videos - the goal of the channel is to make 1 video for each element of the periodic table, but interesting science happens along the way. (5 mins)

    Hello Internet Podcast w/ CGP Grey - (also available on your favorite podcasting method) that is easily my favorite podcast. (1-2 hours)

Smarter Every Day - Destin is a rocket scientist who wants to learn something new every day, whether that be about natural history, physics, biology, or whatever. His energy for learning is infectious. If you watch 1 educational channel, make it this one. (15-20 mins)

Brain Scoop - They scoop brains. This channel has gone thru differing styles, from gross-out natural science channel (they. Literally. Scoop. BRAINS.) to a video avenue for the Field Museum in Chicago. I personally like the original format better, but there’s good stuff here all around. (Be warned: the vid I linked is incredible disgusting but you will not be able to stop watching.) (15 mins)

PolyMatter - If you like CGP Grey, you’ll like this infographic-animation-style channel, which also focuses on business. (7 mins)

Beauty Gurus - these people do makeup.

Kandee Johnson - adorable & positive. Kandee’s energy and expertise is legendary. She’s also known for amazing transformation videos. (20 mins)

Nicole Guerriero - Love Nicole as she is totally chill and fun. Her channel is also part vlog which I love! (15-20 mins)

James Charles - I recently subscribed to him. He seems like a great person who is genuine and seems older than his young years (he’s like 19? 20??) (20 mins)

Tati - the mom of the beauty community. She does a lot of product reviews and best/worst lists. (30 mins)

I also watch a lot of beauty gurus but not necessarily subscribe like Nikki Tutorials, Jeffree Star, etc.

Beauty(?) Gurus (They talk about hair, nails, or fashion)

Sierra Schultzzie - This is a lifestyle channel mostly following Sierra’s journey of body positivity and fitting clothes for bigger sizes (she is a proud size 12.) While I don’t have that particular struggle, I love becoming more aware through her channel. (15 mins)

SimplyNailogical - Cristine does nail tutorials (sometimes) & this channel is why I call our intern “BEEEYYYYNNNN!” (20 mins)

Safiya Nygaard - this channel is about Saf’s mostly wacky, mostly beauty-related adventures (20 mins)

Justine LeConte - this french fashion designer talks about clothes & the fashion industry. (& she uploads on Sundays!) (10 mins)

Brad Mondo - He is a hair channel that mostly does videos like “Hairdresser reacts to _(usually bad dye jobs)_” (12 mins)

Things that don’t fit into big enough categories to have their own category

The Odd1sOut - just watch the linked video and try not to be hooked to James’ storytelling ability & adorable animation. JUST TRY. (10 mins)

KevOnStage - a Christian comedian who makes videos reacting to current events/viral videos (3 mins)

SORTED - a food/cooking channel made up of 2 “chefs” and 3 “normals.” They do cooking challenges, chef vs chef challenges, etc. I never liked food channels before but they are great! (25 mins)

Hot Ones - a guy interviews celebrities while eating increasingly spicy hot wings. Favorite part of each video is the celeb’s look of utter helplessness when it gets too spicy. (30 mins)

Happy watching!!!!!

(If you’re like, wait, I’ve never ever watched YouTube for anything other than cat videos. This is an industry?? Well, if you’ve got 35 minutes to watch an only semi-interesting but through YouTube history, watch this.)

(And yes. This IS just SOME of my subscriptions.)

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