Secret Obsession #4: Podcasts

So a few weeks ago, we did Youtube. Now, I’d like to give you a (much shorter) catalog of my favorite podcasts!  These ARE by some kind of rank...ALL of them are good, but the ones I like the very most are at the top. Categories, average length, and descriptions follow.

I won’t provide links, because people have different apps, but a quick search in your favorite podcast player will show them! I did link any that I know of with Youtube channels.

Two Guys Talking Genre

Hello Internet - 1-2 Hours - I may have mentioned this podcast in the Youtube blog, but this one is my favorite. These two guys, Brady Haran & Grey, talk about tech, the internet, all the things that fans wrote in about from the last show, and occasionally, flag design. (Why am I so interested in flag design?!)

No Dumb Questions - About 1 Hour - Youtuber Destin Sandlin (aka SmarterEveryDay) and Pastor/YouTube-Channel-Holder-Because-It-Feels-Weird-To-Call-Him-A-YouTuber Matt Whitman talk about really random stuff, occasionally encompassing the Jesus thing. This is a good one to listen to if you’re not really looking for a “Christian” podcast but want people who affirm Christian worldviews and don’t cuss.

Babysitters Club Club - 1 hour - a couple of 30 year old men read thru the Babysitter’s Club books, which was a book series written for teenage girls by Ann M. Martin. Its probably the funniest podcast on my list, especially if you read the books as a kid.

Christian Podcasts

Holy Post - 1 hour - VeggieTales Phil Vischer and Speaker/Author Skye Jethani and sometimes Christian Taylor do a podcast about Christian news, deep-dive with guests into things affecting the Church and our understanding of God, and occasional non-religious ridiculous news. Yes, parts of it are silly (the theme song is particularly horrendous) but in the meat of the podcast is really thoughtful commentary about who we are, what the church is doing, and how we can get better.

Business/Tech Podcasts

Freakonomics - 1 hour - Steven Dubner dives into topics concerning economics and business. Lately he’s been doing a “Hidden Side of Sports” series looking at sports through the eyes of CEOS/Owners

Pivot - 30-40 mins - Kira Swischer (journalist) and Scott Galloway (NYU business prof, and serial business owner) talk about the latest in tech and business. They usually talk about the big companies (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, etc) and usually politics slips in too. They are pretty left-wing but their banter is hilarious.  The 2nd funniest of the podcasts I listen to, behind Babysitters Club Club.

HBR After Hours - 35 mins - 3 Harvard Business School profs (one with a really adorable accent) chat about business happenings & occasionally things like healthcare.

Leadership Podcasts

Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast - 20 mins - If you like leadership, just download it. You’ll love it.

Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast - 20 mins - This one too.

Leadership Lean In w/ Chad Veach - 1 hour - long-form interviews about leadership with pastors

Marriage Podcast

Marriage On The Go - 20 mins - Pastors Matt & Sabrina Schlesinger give Christian-based practical advice & tips for healthy marriage and families. I know these people and they are the real deal!

History Podcasts

Yes. I subscribe to 3 history podcasts. I am a nerd. I know not everyone will love them, but maybe someone will!

Ben Franklin’s World - 1 hour - long-form interviews with scholars studying various aspects of the 18th century American life/culture. The content is interesting enough that I can overlook the fact that I don’t really like the host or their one recurring segment (but it happens at the end, so I just end the ep early).

Conversations From The Washington Library - 1 hour - long-form interviews with Scholars-in-Residence or Program Directors at Mount Vernon, George Washington’s Home.

Fashion History with American Duchess - 1 hour - tooootally niche, but Abby and Lauren are really engaging as they talk about the toils of their historical costuming business, as well as bring some subject-matter-experts in various aspects of historical costuming.

Math Podcast

Numberphile Podcast - 1 hour - because I can’t get enough of Brady Haran’s voice, the new Numberphile podcast has him interviewing mathematicians.

Podcast About Spies

SpyCast - 1 hour - the podcast of the International Spy Museum in DC. (Yes, it’s as amazing as it sounds.) They interview actual spies and people who have worked at the FBI, DOD, etc.

Movie Podcast

Movies With Millenials - 1 hour - if you like Movies with Mikey or Lindsay Ellis on YouTube, you’ll like this podcast. I met Cole, one of the presenters, at a conference and he was super cool.

Happy Podcasting!

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