Cutting Meat

Cutting Meat


At the time of me writing this, I am less than 24 hours away from the re-launch of our young adult small group. When our pastor first told us about how we were going to do it: semester-lengths, discussion-based, centered around a theme, topic, hobby, or community, I was so so excited.

Then you go home and you wait for ideas to come. Um, what does a mother of two toddlers do as a hobby? He probably wouldn’t approve a nap-based small group (less discussion than he’d like.)  The only thing I could think of is that I wanted to have a small group that dove into the bible. Like, talked about all the things and went down all the rabbit trails that Pastor didn’t have the time to do in his sermon, or would go over the heads of the new believers.

Because as a mom of two toddlers, one thing I know is that it’s easy to learn how to drink milk. It’s harder to learn how to cut meat with a knife and eat it (Thomas literally ate his cereal with his hand today. Picked the Chex up – out of the bowl of milk – WITH HIS HANDS and ate the entire bowl that way.) So, I wanted to have a small group where someone with the tools to eat solid food got a group, almost workshop, feel, to exercise those tools, and those who didn’t have the tools would develop them.

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Basically, other people have discussion and encouragement over basketball, gardening, etc. Our activity would be studying the bible.

You’ve heard that people use about 10% of their brains. I’m not going to lie; sometimes I use a tenth of THAT when I am reading the bible. I’m expecting to get something impactful out of my bible time, but I’m not willing or ready to sow and invest into actual study and expecting to get something out of it.  Sure, there are the times when you are going through something, and you read just the right verse, and boom, what you need is just right there at the surface. But to really understand, really get, some of the deeper aspects of the bible, you have to dig. So I’m teaching our group how to do that.

I have a feeling that God is going to show us something really big, and help us gather the tools to rightly divide the word. I’m mentioning it here because: 1. If we have a powerful testimony from the group I'll post it. 2. If we discover something that just blows our minds, you KNOW I'm gonna post it, fam!

Our topic is Joseph so our little study sessions will focus on his life & how God worked to give him purpose and destiny.


We had our first meeting. It was great; it was an introduction into how to study (as opposed to read), and what tools are good. (If you want me to share these tidbits in a post or series, comment below and let me know!) I’ve heard from several of our group members that they have begun their bible readings & one said she had to make a chart. My. People. Are. Making. Charts. Gosh I’m so *proud* y’all.